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Vision & Mission

Department of Juvenile Observation and Protection

Ministry of Justice of Thailand





        "To be a leader in delivering excellent services in protecting children’s rights and rehabilitating and returning good and productive juveniles into society"

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                 1. To promote child rights protection and child welfare, and strengthening family and society institutions through the use of restorative justice, diversions, and other alternative measures.
                 2. To provide efficient work on criminal and family cases including governance supervision, rehabilitation, protection, and other assistance services as well as follow up and evaluation of the cases.
                 3. To facilitate and create networks with all stakeholders in communities both public and private sectors, domestically and internationally in order to participate in and provide support for the juvenile justice system and to assist in prevention of the juveniles entering the justice system.                
                 4. To strive for evidence base practices by conducting research relate to improvement of juvenile justice procedure and interventions, and initiate the development of appropriate laws and regulations that address child rights protection and best practices for case procedures in order to increase quality of life for the juveniles.
                 5. To improve better personnel and administrative managements in accordance with governmental administration standards.

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Department of Juvenile Observation and Protection, Government Center Chaeng Wattana Building A

120 Moo 3, ChaengWattana Road, Tung Song Hong, Laksi, Bangkok 10210

Telephone: +66 2141 6470